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Made in USA by Choice

TorcUP has a long history of breaking the mold. In 1996, we introduced the first square drive tool with reaction arm splines inside of the housing and a low clearance tool with a “peanut shaped” piston. Against the grain of the hydraulic wrench industry, we challenged “the norm” and impressed those that mattered … customers. At that moment our future was solidified and we knew that from that point forward our innovations always required being “DIFFERENT”. All variances had to be for the benefit of the application and the customer … whether they be in tool simplicity or tool appearance … IT HAS TO BE DIFFERENT!!

We Will Always Deliver Products Without Compromise!


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Why Choose TorcUP As Your Industrial Bolting Tools Supplier

We are more than a torque tool company … we are risk takers, engineers, marketers, innovators, driven by our love of empowering our customers. We are a dynamic collection of skilled individuals that create superior industrial bolting products. Partnering with the best material suppliers, machining experts and sales channels, we combine industry leading technology with world class sales feedback to provide our customers the ultimate in durability, application fitment and most of all, safety. Born from my desire to be DIFFERENT, we will always deliver products without compromise!

Our mechanical principal will always be to design and provide products that fulfill an unmet or overlooked need. We force ourselves to broaden our horizons and explore new and unique manufacturing processes that will lay the groundwork for how the industry will advance and follow. Whether it be implementing a new machining technique or utilizing an aerospace alloy such as Vascomax, we will never opt for profit over durability and safety.

Of major importance to us is that our products are proudly Made In The USA. YES, we are an American company dedicated to American design, engineering and manufacturing. You’ll often find me with our engineers, on the shop floor or meeting with US Suppliers of American Made alloys to ensure that the essence of how we do things always continues to be a TorcUP way of doing things.

With TorcUP, there are no smoke and mirrors. You simply get the best torque and tension tools that you will ever own … a statement that I take incredibly seriously.

John Kovacs


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