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About TorcUP

John Kovacs

In 1996, John Kovacs started TorcUP. His first office was the front seat of his car. He was a man with a vision and a dream and a single wrench. The TU Series started the revolution and it continues to turn and expand. Kovacs continues to add to TorcUP’s offerings, on the lookout for what’s next in the industry, while focusing on what’s important – TorcUP’s customers.

Kovacs may have started small, but has grown TorcUP into a worldwide brand and a force to be reckoned with in the bolting industry. He knew that not only did he need the best tools in the world, he also needed the best staff to support those tools. The TorcUP team has grown through the years and boasts a collection of dedicated and excited people who really care about what they do. From the engineering staff creating new ideas and developing new tools, to the warehouse staff making sure every tool that leaves is tested and calibrated for optimum performance.

The TorcUP team is exactly that – a team! Everyone works together to achieve a level of customer service unparalleled in the world – along with every tool, you get the TorcUP team with it, for support throughout the life of your TorcUP tool.


  • Tim Benford
    Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Tom Vrana
    National Sales Manager
  • George Trad
    International Business Development Manager
  • Kim Bartholomew
    International Business Specialist
  • Jill Boyle
    Domestic Sales Coordinator
  • Dorothy DeAngelis - TorcUP
    Dorothy DeAngelis
    Customer Relations Specialist


  • Tracey Anne Belkey
    Operations Manager
  • Brian Bricco
    Special Projects Manager
  • Douglas Churley
  • Leo Garcia
    Technical Specialist
  • Kim Merklin
    Credit Manager
  • Samantha Hallet
    Creative Marketing Manager
  • Clare Behe
  • Kevin Kemmerer
    Lead Engineer
  • Jason Waack
  • Allen Haas
  • Lonnie Miller
    Repair Technician Hydraulic tools
  • Vinnie Marinelli
    Repair Technician Hydraulic Pumps
  • Matthew Wester
    Calibration Technician
  • Marvin Lister
    Calibration Technician
  • Mike Gubich
    Receiving and Inventory Coordinator
  • Ivan Arroyo
    Shipping/Receiving Assistant
  • Ed Williams
    Shipping/Receiving Assistant
  • Deborah Sullivan
    Office Manager Texas
  • Joey Musella
    Houston, Texas Repair Technician
  • Jordan Landry
    Gulf Coast Repair Technician

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