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SR Series

SR Series

SR SERIES Electric Wrench

Advanced Electronic Control Combined With Industrial Reliability

The SR Series is more than an electric powered wrench, it is an electronic torque controlled documentation system.

The TorcUP STRYK provides the most advanced tightening strategies for critical applications that require documented tight tolerance accuracy.


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Provides the Most Advanced Tightening Strategies

  • Made In USA

  • Five Models From 100 lbf-ft to 6,000 lbf-ft

  • Touchscreen Graphical Display / 640 x 480 Pixels

  • Memory Total 512KB / USB Port (Data & Updates)

  • Input Voltage 100-240VAC – 50/60 Hz

Through the use of integrated encoders both torque and torque plus angle control are available at the touch of the screen. Angle control is available in both tighten and loosen directions for a total solution to your engineered specifications. Utilizing the same gear train design as our legendary RP Series, the STRYK outperforms all other methods in long term reliability as well as mechanical repeatability. Simply put, THIS IS THE MOST DURABLE ELECTRONIC TORQUE WRENCH SERIES EVER PRODUCED!