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TorcUP - TFS Series

TFS Series

TFS Series Flange Spreader
The Force to Spread Flanges In Your Hands

Powered By Standard 10,000 PSI / 700 Bar Hydraulic Pump or by Manual Operation

  • 3″ Overall Jaw Spread
  • Only 3/32″ Required For Jaw Insertion
  • Single Acting / Auto Return or Manual Operation
Specifications Standard Metric
Weight of TFS-10H, Hydraulic Flange Spreader 15.5 lbs 7.0 kg
Weight of TFS-10M, Manual Flange Spreader 17.0 lbs 7.7 kg
Length of TFS-10H 13.25" 33.6mm
Length of TFS-10M 14" 35.5mm
Width of Feet 4.5" 114mm
Width of Body 4" 101mm
Tips Closed 0.09" 2.3mm
Tips Open 3" 76.2mm
Tip Penetration 1.5" 38.1mm
Rated Force 10,000 lbs 4,535 kg