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TorcUP - SR Series

SR Series

SR SERIES Electric Wrench

Advanced Electronic Control Combined With Industrial Reliability

The SR Series is more than an electric powered wrench, it is an electronic torque controlled documentation system.

The TorcUP STRYK provides the most advanced tightening strategies for critical applications that require documented tight tolerance accuracy. Contact us for a Free Demo today!


  • Made In USA
  • Five Models From 100 Ft/Lbs to 6,000 Ft/Lbs
  • Touchscreen Graphical Display / 640 x 480 Pixels
  • Memory Total 512KB / USB Port (Data & Updates)
  • Input Voltage 100-240VAC – 50/60 Hz

Through the use of integrated encoders both torque and torque plus angle control are available at the touch of the screen. Angle control is available in both tighten and loosen directions for a total solution to your engineered specifications. Utilizing the same gear train design as our legendary RP Series, the STRYK outperforms all other methods in long term reliability as well as mechanical repeatability. Simply put, THIS IS THE MOST DURABLE ELECTRONIC TORQUE WRENCH SERIES EVER PRODUCED! Contact us for a Free Demo today.

Model Number SR-500 SR-1000 SR-2000 SR-3000 SR-6000
Square Drive 3/4" 1" 1" 1" 1 1/2"
Min Torque (ft/lbs) 100 200 400 600 1200
Max Torque (ft/lbs) 500 1000 2000 3000 6000
Min Torque (nm) 136 271 542 813 1627
Max Torque (nm) 678 1356 2712 4067 8135
Output Accuracy at set torque +/- 3% +/- 3% +/- 3% +/- 3% +/- 3%
Repeatability 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Duty Cycle 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Tool Weight w/o reaction arm 10.9lbs / 4.9kg 14lbs / 6.4kg 15.6lbs / 7.1kg 22.3lbs / 10.1kg 38.3lbs / 17.4kg
Standard Reaction Arm 2.05lbs / 0.93kg 2.85lbs / 1.29kg 2.85lbs / 1.29kg 2.85lbs / 1.29kg 7.85lbs / 3.56kg
RPM @ min torque 2.6 2 3 1.4 1.9
RPM @ max torque 25 10 6 3 2
Control Box 20.0lbs / 9.07kg
Power Cable 1.65lbs / .75kg
Data Cable 5.3lbs / 2.4kg
Model Number SR-500 SR-1000 SR-2000 SR-3000 SR-6000
Height 9.29" / 236.0mm 9.29" / 236.0mm 9.29" / 236.0mm 9.31" / 236.5mm 9.94" / 252.5mm
Square Drive 0.75" 1" 1" 1" 1.5"
Length 11.45" / 290.8mm 13.23" / 336.0mm 13.94" / 354.1mm 16.18" / 411.0mm 16.88" / 428.8mm
Diameter 2.56" / 65.0mm 2.85" / 72.4mm 3.09" / 78.5mm 3.75" / 95.3mm 5.00" / 127.0mm


USB Port
This allows for simple installation of software updates. It can also be used to extract data effortlessly to other devices.

Features SR Touch Screen Control
Touch Screen Control
The SR Series Control Box comes with a 7.5” Display with 640 x 480 Pixels and 512KB memory. It includes multiple operation modes, data logging and field calibration. It displays in both metric and imperial units.

Features SR Single Cord Operation
Single Cord Operation
The control box comes complete with a single cord connecting the tool to the box. This cord contains both power and data I/Os.

Features SR Square Drive
Sturdy Square Drive
The design of the square drive allows for direct socket engagement.

Features SR Electric Drive
Electric Motor
The torque-sensing electric-servo motor is equipped with a with a precision angle encoder and operates at 115V or 230V.

Features SR Reaction Member
Cast Reaction Arm
The sturdy "non-welded" construction provides a safe and strong reaction point.

Features SR Internal Gear Drive
Internal Gear Drive
The SR Series employs a patented planetary gear design which increases torque multiplication without added weight and bulk.

Features SR Ergonomic Handle Design
Ergonomic Handle Design
The handle grip of the SR Series was designed to allow for firm and comfortable positioning. It is finished with a durable impact-resistant nylon.

Features SR Operation Trigger
Dual Operation Trigger
The trigger allows for forward and reverse operation without grip repositioning.

Long Reaction Arm
This arm provides a longer reach, working with deepwell sockets.

Sliding Reaction Arm
This arm is designed for socket to socket reaction. The drive/cup design protects the adjacent nut from direct reaction and is adjustable from 4" to 12".

Straight Reaction Arm
This arm is designed to accommodate a reaction point at a 90 degree angle from the drive.

Weld Blank
This reaction arm is made of raw steel and allows the customer to fabricate their own custom arm. The weld blank is splined to fit the SR Series and includes heat treating specifications.

Nose Extension
The extensions fasten directly to the nose of the tool, allowing for reach into hard to access applications. This works with the standard reaction arm.

Tool Positioning Handle
This ergonomic handle is durable and allows for left or right hand operation, as well as vertical and horizontal positioning. It can be factory or field installed and works on all SR models.